Basic obedience skills are something every dog should have. Not only does it make your life easier but it helps your dog to understand what you want from him or her, reducing stress for both of you.  

Our club offers only one obedience course that teaches you how to train your dog using positive reinforcement. Learning to communicate with your dog will help them develop the life skills needed to be a good family pet. These skills are also the basis for training an amazing Agility or Obedience dog.

The course is available to dogs 5 months -12 months at the course start date. Dogs must be fully vaccinated (Parvo Virus and Kennel Cough, optional Lepto) prior to attending and you will be asked to present proof of this when attending the class for the first time.

As of 4/4/22 My Vaccine Passes will no longer be mandatory.

Courses are for 6 weeks on a Monday evening from 6.30 to 7.30pm.

Next course starting 25/4/22 (Anzac Day) is NOW FULL.

Next course TBA.

What to bring to class

Comfortable Clothes and shoes to train in, such as track pants and sneakers, closed in shoes. Gumboots and jandals are not ideal


Small (pea-size) Yummy Treats for the dog (such chopped small bits of Superior chunky) that can be eaten quickly without the dog choking on them. NO Biscuits or bits of strap type treats.  The trainer(s) will have treats available on the night if you are not sure what to bring.


We recommend you do not give you dog dinner before a training class. They will have more focus for their treats and they will not have to do exercise on a full stomach, which can cause stomach upsets.


A Tug Toy for the dog (not squeaky please as this distracts other people's dogs).


A suitable leash and collar - a soft plain lead that attaches to the d-ring on a flat collar. Choke/slip collars or chain leads are not appropriate for training your dog. We do not recommend retractable style leads.


Toilet bags for cleaning up after your dog.


Water bowls for dogs is available outside the club rooms.

Obedience Classes

101 Obedience 6 week courses
This course costs *$80.00*

Our trainer(s) will show you how to teach your dog to behave appropriately. The course is based on positive reinforcement training. You will introduce your dog to basic commands including Come, Sit, Down, watch and Stay. Your dog will have the opportunity to socialise in the group of dogs and people in a safe and interesting environment.


Our obedience classes are very popular and spaces are limited. To guarantee your place in the next intake you will be asked to pay the training fee in advance. Please note: We do not give refunds if you change your mind about attending the class,

Refunds are the exception not the rule.

Class days and times may vary. Six week courses are $80, currently on a Monday evening from 6.30pm to 7.30pm. We like you to be there at least 20 minutes prior to class on the first night, then 15 minutes on other training nights.  This is to settle your dog and give them the chance to go to the toilet before class starts. More information is provided via email prior to the course commencing.


We have several courses throughout the year. Bookings are essential and can be done online (on your bottom left of this page) or by emailing bookingsakaranadtc@gmail.com. We can then advise you of the next available course. Please provide ALL relevant information about you and your dog when making any inquiries.

*Course and membership prices are subject to change without notice. Please check prices when enrolling.

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