Agility is a sport for all healthy dogs, big or small, mixed breed or pedigree with handlers of any age.


Agility obstacles are set up in a course comprising jumps and tunnels, and may include weave poles and "contact" equipment (eg: A-frame or SeeSaw). The fastest dog to get around the course without making errors will win the class.

In New Zealand all the dogs of a similar size and skill level compete against one another, but a small dog jumps smaller jumps than a bigger dog. Courses become more complex as dog and handler gain experience, and each event has a different course.

You don't have to be planning to compete at an agility show to come and train with us. Many people train their dog's for fun and to help keep themselves and their dog fit with mentally activities. Agility will build a strong bond between dog and handler, and benefits include a more obedient dog and more confident owner.

Once you have gained some experience you may want to compete - there are agility events somewhere around the country most weekends.

The course is available to all dogs over the age 12 months and no older than 6 years. Dogs must be fully vaccinated prior to attending and you will be asked to present proof of this when attending the class for the first time.

Next course starting end of September/Oct is Full.

We are taking names on our a cancellation list.

When can I start agility?

We recommend everyone complete a basic obedience class before starting agility training. Your dog will need to be able to listen to you, have a reasonable recall and follow simple instructions in a very exciting and noisy environment.


Agility training is available for dogs that are over 12 months of age and not older than 6 years. It is a physically demanding sport, we cannot train dogs under this age on agility equipment, nor can dogs compete until they are 18 months of age. If you want to train a dog that is between 12 and 18 months old please be aware that there are some restrictions regarding the height they may jump, heights of contact obstacles and number of weave poles they can complete. Your trainer will be able to tell you more about this.


If you have a new dog under 12 months and have enrolled in one of our obedience classes, please let the instructor know that you would like to try agility when your dog is old enough.

What to bring to class

Comfortable Clothes and shoes for running in, such as trackpants and sneakers (or touch shoes) with good grip.


Small (pea-size) Yummy Treats for the dog (such pieces of chopped Superior Chunky) that can be eaten quickly without the dog choking on them.


We recommend you do not give you dog dinner before a training class. They will have better focus for their treats and they will not have to do exercise on a full stomach, which can cause stomach upsets.


A Tug Toy for the dog (not squeaky please as this distracts other dogs).


A suitable leash and collar - a plain lead that attaches to the d-ring of a flat collar, or a soft nylon slip lead work well. Choke collars are not permitted for agility training. We do not recommend retractable.


Toilet bags for cleaning up after your dog.


Water bowls for dogs are available outside the club rooms.

Agility Classes

Foundation Agility 8 week courses.
This course costs *$90.00*

In this course, under the instruction of an experienced dog trainer and agility competitor, you will introduce your dog to the obstacles found on a Foundation agility course and learn how to negotiate them safely and correctly.  

You will learn how to build a stronger relationship with your dog and effective ways to train them.


Dogs must be 12 months and no older than 6 years. Our agility classes are very popular and spaces are limited. The 8 week course is $90.00. To guarantee your place in the next intake you must pay the training fee in advance. The booking co-ordinatior will let you know when.Please note: We do not give refunds if you change your mind about attending the class. Refunds are the exception not the rule.


This class usually runs on Tuesday evenings. Please note days may change depending on instructor availability. We like you to be there at 15 minutes prior so you can settle your dog and make sure it has been to the toilet before class starts. The class runs for one hour. Start times will be confirmed on booking. You will be expected to help put equipment away after the class finishes.


To take part in this course you will need to enrol. We have a few intakes throughout the year and these fill quickly. Bookings are essential and can be done online, on your bottom left of this page,*Apply Online*. We will be in touch in due course with information as to when the next class is starting. When contacting us please provide ALL relevant information about you and your dog to help us contact you.

*Course and membership prices are subject to change without notice. Please check prices when enrolling.

Ongoing Training - Annual Membership

If you have successfully completed the Foundation course and made the decision to continue training with us, we offer you membership with the club. Full Memberships from February is $80.00 per year, (this is tapered depending on what month you join)


You will continue to build on previously learnt skills and learn new ones with the help of our friendly and experienced instructors. You will learn about running a full length agility course and the best ways to guide your dog around it. Advanced classes are available for experienced competitors - your instructors will assess you and advise when you are ready to graduate through each class.  The Membership application form can be found under the "Join Us" icon.


Agility classes are on Tuesday nights.  Senior class 7-8pm. All other classes 8-9pm

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