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Agility training

Agility is a fun sport for all dogs, big or small, mixed breed or pedigree with handlers of any age.


Agility obstacles are set up in a course with jumps, tunnels, weave poles, and "contact" equipment (i.e. A-frame or SeeSaw). The fastest dog to complete the course with a minimum number of mistakes can win.  Courses become more complex as the dog and handler progress with their training and competitions. 


You don't have to compete at agility events to come and train with us. Many people train their dogs for fun, and to help keep dogs fit and mentally stimulated. It's also a great way to build a strong bond between dog and handler.​​​

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Foundation agility course

Next intake: 

• September 2024

Registration for each course will open 4 weeks prior to the first class.


  • $160 p/p

In this 8-week course, the dog and handler are introduced to basic agility obstacles and the correct handling skills to navigate them.  


The course provides a fun and safe environment where the dog and handler can be challenged, and build a stronger relationship. 


Our Foundation agility classes are popular and spaces are limited. 



  • Thursday evenings, 7 - 8pm

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior so you can settle your dog and make sure it has been to the toilet before class starts.

  • The class runs for one hour.  We ask everyone to help put the equipment away after the class finishes.

Entry requirements: 

  • Dogs must be 12 months and no older than 6 years.*

  • Dogs must be fully vaccinated (Parvo Virus and Kennel Cough, optional Lepto). You will be required to provide proof of vaccination to enrol in this class.

  • We recommend everyone complete our basic obedience course, or a suitable alternative before starting agility training. 

  • Your dog should have a reasonable recall and be able to follow simple instructions in a distracting environment whether there are other handlers and dogs training.

*Training with a dog that is between 12 and 18 months old?  Please note, there are some restrictions on the heights of the obstacles and the number of weave poles used. 
If you have enrolled in our obedience course and your dog is under 12 months, to secure a place in the Foundation agility course when your dog is 18 months, please let the instructor know. 

Club agility

Club agility training

Provisional 2024 dates: 

  • Term 1 | Feb 7 - Apr 12 

  • Term 2 | Apr 29 - Jul 5   

  • Term 3 | Jul 22 - Sep 27

  • Term 4 | Oct 14 - Dec

For those who have successfully completed the Foundation course, we offer ongoing, weekly training where you will learn a range of handling skills with the help of our friendly and experienced instructors.  You will also be introduced to competing at agility shows if this is something you would like to progress into. 

To continue with agility training you will need an annual membership with Akarana.  Membership is $160 p/a (this is adjusted depending on the time of the year you join the club). 

Dogs must have a dependable recall and work confidently off lead in a distracting environment.



  • All members | Tuesday evenings, 7 - 8pm

  • Independent training | Wednesday evenings, 7- 8pm*

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior for course set-up.

  • The class runs for one hour.  We ask everyone to help put the equipment away after the class finishes.

Entry requirements: 

  • Completion of the Akarana Foundation agility course, or a suitable alternative with another NZ agility club. 

  • *Independent training on Wednesday evenings is reserved for club instructors and members who have been training with the club for 2 or more years.

  • Dogs must have dependable recall, and work confidently in a distracting environment whether there are other handlers and dogs training.


What should I bring along to the training? 

  • Small (pea-size, preferably soft) and yummy treats for the dog that can be eaten quickly without the risk of choking. 

  • A tug toy for the dog (no squeaky ones as they can distract other dogs).

  • A suitable leash and collar - a plain lead that attaches to the D-ring of a flat collar, or a soft nylon slip lead work well.  Choke collars are NOT permitted for training.  We do not recommend retractable collars.

  • Toilet bags for cleaning up after your dog.

  • Water bowls are available on-site

Should I feed my dog before class?

We recommend you do not give your dog dinner before class. They will have better focus with their treats. It's also best they do not exercise on a full stomach, which can cause stomach upsets.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing and suitable footwear for running in, such as track pants, or other activewear and sneakers with good grip.  Please avoid jandals or gumboots for safety reasons. 

What can I expect in the first class?

Please report to the instructor upon your arrival. You can walk your dog around the grounds to settle them, and to ensure they have been to the toilet before class commences. 

Can I have my dog off-lead? 

Dogs should remain on-lead at all times unless they are running in a course.  Please also maintain adequate space between dogs when training or waiting for your turn.  This includes the use of toy and food rewards at the end of your turn - i.e throwing the toy in the locale of a tethered dog as a reward for your off-lead dog at the end of a run.

Where can I park my vehicle?

You can access the carpark at the end of Phyllis Street, next to the Metro Football Club.  Off-street parking is also available.

I have changed my mind about taking up the course, can I receive a refund?

No.  Unfortunately, if you change your mind about attending the class we are unable to provide a refund.  

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