Photo Gallery

Molly hanging out with Bill, Lyn & Kim
Border Patrol with Deputy Danny
Akarana Crew Huntly 2012
Jess & Rafa hanging out with some humans
Louise, Gaye and Christine
Louise & Indy, Gaye & Axl, Rosemarie & Kenzy
Suzanne & Sparky
Friendly bunch
Hanging Out
Bill, Kim, Lyn and Holly
Kira cools off
Kenzy, Tamalee & Piper
Axl Chillin
Holly and Indy cuddle up
Flash, Sparky, Flynn
Flynn, Sparky & Eden
Aaron & Clutch, NZDAC 2013
Flash & Sparky
Jess NZDAC 201320131025_155442
Holly & Molly WAG Apr 2014
Holly & Jack 2012
Shore June 2014
Hollystone Go Skooter Go ADX GOLD 2000-2014
Holly Pearce
Tequila FDX
Bentley 1995-2009
Titian ADX 1995-2009
A Frame
Dog Walk 2
Dog Walk 1
Ready to use Dog Walk
One half of the A Frame 1
A Frame assembly 2
New contact equipment
A frame safety check 3
Chain check 4
Put together A Frame 5
Bell & Eizon
Ann & Eizon
Allan & Jazz
Obedience 2014
Robin & Tequila
Rhiannon  and Max
Luchea & Athena
Trisha & Bell